Founded in 1978 as a family owned and operated wholesale distributor, Norman Lumber recognized the benchmark of
success. That benchmark was and still is today, the happiness of our customers.  Now, over 35 years later that still drives us at Norman Distribution. 
In today’s market, there are a number of companies distributing specialty building products.  From the beginning, our goal has always been how to distribute these products the best way possible. 

Of course, the key is service – and service is the product we sell right along with every order we fill.  Quite simply, we aim to provide our customers with superior service, products, and support, 100% of the time. Today, our family has grown to include a team of knowledgeable and highly motivated staff – from ownership to sales, to packaging and delivery. We take pride in anticipating the needs of our customers and providing prompt reliable quotes.  Whether the need is for a quick fill-in or several trucks, we are here to meet our customers’ demands. 

Norman Distribution’s reliability to our customers is further enhanced by the strong and positive relationships we have established with our suppliers.  We value our supplier relationships, which in turn provides us with consistent quality and stable supply. Next time you are in need of superior quality products and service, contact us at Norman Distribution. 

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